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July 16, 2006 by mgosh
First let’s talk about the history of the situation. We have an established country Israel. Next we have an elected leader of a people the Palistian, whom are firing upon Israeli cities. Why? Because they hate Israel and wish to wipe out the country. Next thing they do is kidnap a solider and keep him hostage until Israel releases 1,500 prisoners. For one solider, Israel should release 1,500 people. Right. Israel should negotiate with these people whom are dedicated to your destruction. ...
July 10, 2006 by mgosh
Last year Israel has uniformly withdrawn from the Gaza strip. Israel torn down her settlements, withdrew her troops, and left the Palistians with Gaza in their own hands. They left them to decide their fate and their future. What did the Palistians decide? They choose instead of freedom they choose terrorism. They elected Hamas a terrorist organization to lead their people into the new tomorrow. They attacked Seridot, which is part of pre-1967 Israel on a daily basis. Launching rocket aft...
July 7, 2006 by mgosh
Enron .......................oh how easy it was for these execs to steal their workers money. It was easy because these workers refused to use their brains and diversify their portfolios and chose instead to believe in the almighty word of the high ranking executive crooks that gave them pep rally after pep rally to buy more while they dumped their own. Stating how the stock is going to go up and they will all be rich from making this choice in believing in the company.

Fast forward the fa...
October 3, 2005 by mgosh
I asked myself these questions and answered them, they are deep introspective and there is no right answer or right choice. Rather each answer given is the right answer for you to make.
September 25, 2005 by mgosh
Hamas celibrated the liberization of Gaza from their Zionist enemy Israel, families brought their children to the family event of Hamas handing out flags to wave and shooting guns in the air. A truck exploded and the explosion ran through the crowd. Evidently their exploses were mishandled and they winded up causing causalities to the children at the rally and 15 people died. Afterwards Hamas blamed Israel's military for a strike upon them and proceeded to violate the peace by bombarding Isre...
September 22, 2005 by mgosh
This article shows that the ACLU are insane, they are fighting the background checks of the Victims of Katrina even as people welcome them into their houses, schools, and places of worsihp. It would be nice to know if you let a victim into your family's home if they had a past history of being a sex offender. Once again the ACLU sticks up for the rights of criminals at the expense of the citizen's right to be protected from them.
September 17, 2005 by mgosh
Akbar: There are the security forces of the evil government attack them, kill the infidels, throw rocks at them.
Akbu: Those are Palistian Security Forces sent here to restore order
Akbar: I do not care who they are, they stand between me and freedom.
Akbu: They just want you to wait on the line over there to pass through securely.
Akbar: I do not care this rock is heavy I must throw it.
Akbu: Whatever I'm going to the line now.
September 12, 2005 by mgosh
Palestinian authorities had promised an orderly transition, but the calls were ignored. Police stood by helplessly as gunmen raised flags of militant groups and crowds smashed what was left in the ruins or walked off with doors, window frames, toilets and scrap metals.

Palestinians torched empty synagogues in the Morag, Kfar Darom and Netzarim settlements, as well as a Jewish seminary in Neve Dekalim. Later, a Palestinian bulldozer knocked down the walls of the Netzarim synagogue.

In Netza...
September 5, 2005 by mgosh
However, Iraqi authorities said the bodies of three community leaders who had refused insurgent demands for help were found Monday in the city. Iraqi officers said gunmen swept through the victims' districts over the weekend as fighting around the city escalated.

In Baghdad, thunderous explosions and volleys of heavy gunfire rattled the downtown area soon after sunrise Monday as about four carloads of insurgents staged a lightning raid on the Interior Ministry, which is responsible for police...
September 1, 2005 by mgosh
I have been reading, listening, and learning about people's opinion of Iraq. I see people shouting out their opinions and I thought that I would share my opinion of the war in Iraq as well.

We are right now deeply entrenched with an insurgency that is terrorists. Some people will say that they are just fighting off the U.S., but they are more than freedom fighters. They are terrorists in every way. They beheaded civilians on television to intimidate their country leaders. They murdere...
November 23, 2004 by mgosh
Ever since Howard Stern was signed on for 500 million the stock has been jumping. The new CEO just purchased 1.5 Million shares at 5.36 so he's really believing in the company. I have been plesantly surprised by this recent surge of interest and the way the stock jumped up. Brad you made a great decision buying it when it was down to 2.
November 11, 2004 by mgosh
I read Clinton’s biography a few months ago and I agreed with what he said about the blame in the failure of peace in Israel. The Palistian leadership had the chance to truly make peace with Israel provided that he would give up the right of return for the refugees. Israel naturally balked at the very idea of inviting back into ITS country the Palistian people, we are talking numbers that exceed your population. It is the equivalent of the U.S. inviting 400 Million Muslims and then have them ...
November 3, 2004 by mgosh
Kerry just conceeded Ohio and the presidency. Kerry would have had to claim 90% of the Provisional Ballots and that is before factoring in the Abstantee votes which traditionally favor Bush. Saving this nation the debacle of 2000. I feel that in this case though it would have ended up being Bush either way you count it and plus he has the support of the popular vote. It is a different situation
October 24, 2004 by mgosh
The game is a really intense shooter and a lot of fun. Highly entertaining with a dialogue that is just about as cheesy as it comes. The feminine touch really add flavor to the game and it’s environments go from a downtown city scene, to a fun house carnival that is anything but fun.

One part of the game discusses his decisions and the path he walks upon. It discusses how in life you really have only one choice and if you’ve wished upon different decision you wouldn’t be yourself, you’d ...
October 24, 2004 by mgosh
After four years of owning my PII 800 Mhz Computer, with 512mb of ram and two 60 gb hard drives I decided to go out last week and purchase a new one. A few weeks ago my old computer had virus behavior where if you clicked upon clean up files it deleted everything. All documents, all mp3's, everything on my D: was gone. It would have done the same to the C: I was sure. I had a virus in the system about 8 months ago and I followed the directions to remove it, but I think the virus changed this...